STEP 1: Login / Create an Account
If you have never registered for the AAU Gymnastics (Age Group) National Championship before nor created an account on this website, you must do so in order to continue. This account IS NOT the same as your AAU Membership account information. If you have registered on this website before, please log in and continue with the following steps.

Create An Account

STEP 2: Gym Entry Form
Once you login, continue by selecting Click Here to Begin Registering! You will need your AAU Membership Number and Gym Name. If you have your Club Code, you will enter it here as well, so it automatically pulls the gym name. If you are competing without a club, please type in UNATTACHED. You will need to check the box next to CHECK HERE to proceed.

STEP 3: Athlete Registration
After the gym information has been added, you will see the Gym name listed under the Gym column. Click on the gym name to add the athlete(s) to the registration. On the next screen click, Click Here to Register Individual Athletes. Please enter all athletes that need to be registered. Once the information is inputted, PLEASE VERIFY THE BIRTHDAY IS CORRECT FOR EACH ATHLETE.

STEP 4: Coaches Registration
EVERY COACH who intends on being on the competition floor MUST be registered online by the deadline date. If a coach does not register by the deadline, there will be a registration late fee for each coach added after the deadline.

STEP 5: Check Out
All entries must be completed online by the deadline via credit/debit card (VISA, AMEX, Discover or MasterCard.) Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive a receipt to your email address that is on file with your account.