STEP 1: Log in / Register
Team registration will begin by creating a user name and password of your choosing. Note that this user name and password will be for entering the Registration system only and is not your AAU club number or individual membership ID.

If you are registering multiple teams, you will need a separate user name and password for each team.

Create An Account

STEP 2: Team Entry Form
Enter your team information. For this step, you will need your AAU club code.

STEP 3: Enter Athletes
Complete the roster form. For this step, you will need the AAU individual membership number and zip code for each of your athletes. and non-athletes (up to 3 coaches, 1 scorekeeper, and 2 batboys). Any work you do is automatically saved. You can stop and come back to complete or amend your roster at any time until the entry deadline.

STEP 4: Enter Pick Up/Add On Athletes
You may add up to five (5) athletes that were not on your district roster. Athletes on your roster from adjoining districts may not exceed three (3).

STEP 5: Enter Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Scorekeeper + Bat Persons
You may have a maximum of three (3) coaches, one (1) scorekeeper, and (2) Bat Persons (ages 8-18) per team. Note that three (3) coaches and one (1) scorekeeper will be the maximum number of adults allowed in the dugout.

STEP 6: Upload team photo.

  1. Team Photo: Upload your team photo. This allows those sites which offer a tournament program book to include your team’s photo. If the photo is not uploaded, your team’s picture will not be featured if a tournament program book is offered.

Note:  If you wish, Step 6 can be completed at a later date after the roster is completed and the tournament entry fee has been remitted.

STEP 7: Check Out
Remit your entry fee by credit or debit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What’s Next?

A.  Email Confirmation: Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive an order number. Please print this confirmation for your records

NOTE: Per AAU rules, teams/players not complying may be eliminated from participation.