HOTEL POLICY: Click here for info on the hotel policy and for a list of hotels Please refer to Step 4 and 5 below for more information.

HOW TO REGISTER: (You will need a valid AAU Membership number)


Club Coaches - Select your Club name from the right and enter your pin #. This is the same pin # used when registering your athletes.

Unattached Coaches - If you are not part of a Club or Coaching Unattached Athletes, click below

Unattached Coaches, click here.

STEP 2:  Add Coach.
You will need your non-athlete AAU Membership Number and zip code in order to register a coach. Any work you do is automatically saved. You can stop and come back later.

You will receive complimentary coaches credentials based on the formula outlined in the entry information.
For complete entry information, click here.

NOTE: Once you register an athlete on your club, it will take approximately one hour for the coaches system to recognize that athlete in your athlete count per your club.

STEP 3:  Checkout / Pay Entry Fees
You will need credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), to complete your online registration.  Once this process is completed, you will receive an email confirmation verifying your order. We recommend printing and saving this email for your own records.

STEP 4: Make Hotel Reservations.
In order to complete your registration to participate, you are required to use the following link when making your hotel reservations. CLICK HERE. Participants must use hotel accommodations as advertised by the local Host. If your team or athlete is local or other situation, you can request a Housing Exemption Form click here for the form.

The AAU makes every effort to provide the best quality experience for athletes, coaches and families that participate in AAU events. Hampton Roads Sports Commission and the AAU have carefully selected host hotels for participants. These properties are ready to work with you in providing the best accommodations at a great price. A wide variety of housing options are available.

STEP 5: Submit Hotel and Emergency Contact Information
On the Sign-Up Summary page, click “Update” in the Hotel column to submit your hotel and emergency contact information.  This step is required.