2017 AAU Taekwondo Certified Coaches - 1 to 50 of 76

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First Last State
Valerie Amend MD
Karen Anderson MD
Gabrielle Anderson MD
Justin Armstrong TN
Marycarol Baker MO
Charles Banks OH
Andrew Barrell NY
Chee Bates NM
Thaddeus Bath WI
Susan Batko NJ
Alicia Berlin MD
Dale Brown MA
Davis Burgess GA
Thomas Byrnes MD
Alexander Caire TX
William Cathey IL
Luis Cocco FL
Guadalupe Cortez TX
James Crays IN
William Cromwell NC
Kimberly David MD
Richard Degeorge NJ
Pamela Dimezza NY
Torrey Duncan MD
Kelley Eccles WI
Corey Ennis NY
Brian Fish NY
Scott Franza NY
Todd Frenyea NY
Jeanne Gable PA
Felix Garcia MD
Myron Gerber IN
Laura Gross NY
Ava Grounds MD
Wendell Hart FL
Deanna Hayden MD
Casey Holbrook WI
Daniel Horchler NJ
Ashley Hunziker VA
Terry Jameson NM
Andrea Keane FL
Matthew Killian MD
Lawrence Leonardson VA
Jaime Luera TX
Joey Mackie TX
Shaka Mitchell IL
Doug Moore, Jr. FL
James Mutters TX
Juan Orozco TX
Jose Amancio Pascaran MD